Aqueous Film Forming Foam Concentrates

Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) concentrates are formulated with hydrocarbon and fluorocarbon surfactants to produce high-performance, synthetic firefighting foams for use on non-polar, Class B hydrocarbon fuel fires such as crude oil, petroleum, diesel and aviation fuels. These concentrates may be applied with a wide variety of proportioning and discharge devices and suppress fire via three mechanisms: 1) separating the liquid fuel from the air, 2) helping to prevent vapor release, and 3) providing a cooling effect. With a wide spectrum of 3rd party approvals and listings, SABO FOAM AFFF concentrates offer firefighting solutions for a variety of fixed, semi-fixed, and emergency response applications.

AFFF concentrates have excellent wetting properties that can also effectively combat Class A fires, and they may be used in conjunction with dry chemical agents to provide even greater fire suppression performance. AFFF concentrates are not suitable for use on polar fuels with appreciable water solubility such as alcohols, acetone, and methyl ethyl ketone.

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