Protein Foam Concentrates

Protein firefighting foam concentrates are formulated with naturally occurring hydrolyzed proteins, in combination with foam stabilizers, bactericides, corrosion inhibitors, anti-freeze additives, and solvents. Protein-based firefighting foams provide a robust foam blanket for Class B fire and vapor suppression. More complex Fluoroprotein (FP) and Fluoroprotein Alcohol Resistant (FPAR) foam concentrates also include fluorochemicals and polymer additives to enhance the foam’s flame knockdown and inhibit its fuel pick-up.

With a wide spectrum of 3rd party approvals and listings, SABO FOAM protein and fluoroprotein foam concentrates offer fire suppression performance for a variety of fixed, semi-fixed, and emergency response applications. Typical uses include on-board marine systems, oil and gas tank farms, refineries, and storage facilities.

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