High Expansion Foam Concentrates

High Expansion (HI-EX) foam concentrates are non-fluorinated formulations containing hydrocarbon surfactants, solvents, and stabilizers. These concentrates expand at high ratios, typically between 200:1 and 1000:1, to suppress Class A, Class B, and LNG fires and vapors.

When used with high expansion foam generators, HI-EX concentrates can quickly form voluminous foam quantities to fill large rooms and enclosures in minutes. The expansive foam volume assists suppression of horizontal and vertical (three dimensional) fires with minimum water use. HI-EX foam systems are often used for fire protection in large buildings containing high value property such as aircraft hangars and distribution warehouses.

When used with medium-expansion foam equipment, HI-EX concentrates form a foam blanket that suppresses fuel vapor and provides a fire-suppressing cooling effect. Medium-expansion foam is less affected by wind conditions and, therefore, often used in outdoor applications.